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Complexity of the Trilobites and the Explosion of Life.

In the Precambrian level of the geologic column (look at the graphic below) there is little or no evidence of life. However, in the Cambrian level of the geologic column, there is a sudden "explosion of life" that is extremely hard to explain in the Evolution paradigm.

There are more types of animals (phyla) found in the Cambrian than exists today! At least 50 phyla of animals have been found in the Cambrian. This number is some what larger than the 38 that exist today.

There is also evidence that the complexity of the Trilobite, in the Cambrian, was every bit as complex as any modern form, at the molecular level.

So, at the very lowest portion of the geologic column, we find extreme levels of both variety and complexity. It seems that there is little time for Evolution to take place.

Some seem to suggest that the "Cambrian Explosion" has been one of the best kept secrets of paleontologists. It is easy to see why because what exists in the Cambrian cannot be explained in Evolutionary terms.

This fact is amazing! Especially when we realize that the Bible's description of the flood so easily fits with what is found in the geologic column, especially the Cambrian!

Another aspect of the Biblical description of world history, is the idea that our world is slowly dying. Anyone who chooses to compare fossil life with present life, can realize that today's world ecologically, is anemic in comparison with life in the past. Possibly only a small number of animal types have actually survived the flood.

Take a look at the two links I have found on this topic. I think you will have to agree with Art Chadwick when he says: "Special creation has scientific precedence because it does offer an explanation for origins that comports with the data".

Mike Brown

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