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How do unprocessed Pseudogenes form? Unprocessed pseudogenes appear to be defective genes, yet others think that a function will one day be found for the pseudogenes we find in the genome.

I am exploring the possibility that pseudogenes are indeed defective genes that have lost their original function.

Does the 2nd law of thermodynamics describe the change in entropy of living organisms which are the most complicated machines on Earth?

Pseudogenes most likely are the result of degradation. They have lost their original created function. So, If true, some parts of the cell might not have a purpose.

What would be the nature of the degradation in organisms? Would Island Speciation throw some light on this question. The Bible seems to suggest a few definite ways that man has degraded.

How do pseudogenes form? Links to both a creationary and an evolutionary review paper provides a proper background of the issues. Three research options are explored to explain the difficulties.

Dedicated to conducting creation research in Molecular Biological issues. The MHRC works within an alternate paradigm that is based on the Bible.

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